Germicidal Lamps


Arklite is the only quartz based UV lamp manufacturer in India. These UV quartz lamps are used world-wide for water, air & surface disinfection. We manufacture a wide range of low pressure UV lamps.


Our UV lamps are manufactured from high-quality quartz which permits over 90% of the UV energy generated to be transmitted through the lamp. Our lamps are manufactured in 3 types: Regular, High Output and Amalgam.
Quartz lamps offer the following advantages over soft glass UV lamps:

  1. Superior resistance to solarisation and high UV transmission
  2. Inside surface of our lamp has a patented coating which enhances UV transmission and also prolongs lamp life by further increasing resistance to solarisation
  3. Use of quartz gives us an option to make both ozone forming and non-ozone forming UV lamps

Quartz UV lamps are therefore preferred for industrial and commercial applications

Lamp Length Range (mm) Wattage Range (W) Operating Life (Hours) Type Caps
UV Quartz Amalgam Lamp 842 to 1554 105 to 320 9000 * Non Ozone forming 4 pin, Step jump
UV Quartz Germicidal Lamp 212 to 1554 6 to 65 9000 * Non ozone forming 4 pin, Medium bipin, Mini bipin, Step jump, Pigtail
UV Quartz High Output lamp 436 to 1554 40 to 130 9000 * Non Ozone forming 4 pin, Medium pipin, Mini bipin, Step jump, Pigtail

* All the lamps are also available as ozone forming UV lamps


  • Air disinfection
  • Water disinfection
  • Surface disinfection
  • Odour destruction
  • Waste water treatment


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Packaged drinking water
  • Hospitals
  • Water treatment
  • Odour destruction: Food & STP
  • Laminar flow systems
  • Commercial complexes
  • Others