Foodlighting (MH) Lamps & System


Arklite is the leading manufacturer of high wattage, metal halide, floodlighting lamps and systems ideally suited for large area lighting.
The optimized lamp design complements fixture designs to provide excellent optical control and high efficiencies as required in large area outdoor lighting applications.


These are energy efficient high lumen package, double-ended Metal Halide lamps that deliver light output of 80,000 to 2,15,000 lumens at 5200K. Expected life of the lamp is 6000 hrs. These are tubular quartz arc tube without any outer jacket, dosed with NaI-ScI3. These lamps offer precision in beam control of halogen lamps and high efficacy of Metal Halide lamps.
The systems consists of light weight die-cast aluminum luminaire, ballast, ignitor and a suitable capacitor for power factor correction. Elliptical luminaires have a narrow beam while the rectangular luminaires gives a wider beam.

Lamp Lumen Output(lumens) Wattage Range(W) CCT Bases
Floodlighting (MH) Lamp 80000/130000/215000 1000/1500/2000 5.2K RX7s and others
System Luminaire Ignitor Ballast Capacitor
Floodlighting Lamp System Circular/ Rectangular 6kv pulse Controls current at rated level >For power factor correction


  • Sports lighting
  • High mast
  • Construction site lighting
  • Open cast mine lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Indoor large area lighting
  • Mobile lighting towers


  • Stadium lighting
  • Sports clubs
  • Educational institutions – playgrounds
  • Mining
  • Railways
  • Ports & airports
  • Construction