Amalgam Lamps


The most advance version of UV lamps for germicidal operation is the amalgam lamps. These lamps are in construction similar the Regular and HO UV lamps with one major difference: mercury in these lamps is present in form of an amalgam and not as pure mercury.

The amalgam chemistry is such that the pressure of mercury is significantly lower and is controlled in a narrow range. The amalgam is present
as one or more spots on the lamp wall. These amalgam spots are bonded to on a circular gold spot coated on the quartz tube.Amalgam lamp diameter could be up to 40 mm with lamp current even higher than 4A.

During lamp operation amalgam warms and remains in a semi-molten condition, yet these lamps could be operated in vertical position. The main advantage of amalgam lamp is in high energy density (watt / cm) which could be as high as ten times the regular UV lamp, without any sacrifice
of the conversion efficacy of electrical power to the UV output. High energy density makes them a perfect choice for very large installations of potable and waste water treatment plants.


      Amalgam Lamp  
Lamp Code / Description Length Electrical Parameter UV O/P*
Rated Life (Hrs) Recommended Gear**
BFL (mm) Wattage (W) Current (mA) Voltage (V)
GPHA842T5L 842 105 1200 95 448 10000 S004 A0030
GPHA842T6L 842 130 1800 72 480 10000 S004 A0030
GPHA1200T6L 1200 160 1800 90 510 10000 S004 A0030
GPHA1200T6L 1200 190 2100 90 550 10000 S004 A0030
GPHA1554T6L 1554 258 2000 128 630 10000 S004 A0031
GPHA1554T6L 1554 320 2100 150 750 10000 S004 A0031
GPHA1515T10L 1515 260 3800 74 670 10000 S004 A0032
GPHA1515T10L 1515 320 3800 85 810 10000 S004 A0032